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Baharat – Middle Eastern Spice Mix

Baharat is a sensational mixture of sweet and smokey aromatic spices.There are probably as many different Baharat spice mix recipes as there are families in the Middle East. Some are biased toward a country or region, or maybe just a favourite combination of spices. This is one I’ve used in the past for rubbing on… Read more »

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

This recipe is really simple, and fantastically delicious. Mediterranean style grilled chicken with smoky, Middle Eastern spices.

Braised Partridges

A chubby, round-breasted partridge makes a fantastic, succulent supper dish. Make sure that you get young early season birds as the older birds are much tougher. If theĀ  breast of the bird is soft and pliable it is a young bird. Young birds are suitable for roasting, and older birds are only suitable for braising,… Read more »

Ham Hock Terrine

Ham hocks are an inexpensive cut of meat and can be used to make this delicious terrine. Great for a simple lunch or as a starter for a meal, served with mustard pickle and toasted bread.

Sausage and Bean Casserole

This is an easy and economical dish to serve for a mid week supper. The cider adds a hintĀ  sweetness, and the lentils thicken the sauce into a savoury unctiousness