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Pizza Express Salad Dressing

Pizza Express salad dressing is very popular, both in their restaurants, and on sale in supermarkets. All it really is, is a light, creamy, Italian style dressing. This recipe is based on one from an old 1970's Pizza Express recipe book - it's really straightforward to make, and is my preferred dressing of choice on many salads.

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Fruit Scones for Afternoon Tea

Fruit scones are really easy to make and are a perfect treat for afternoon tea, served with clotted cream, and strawberry jam. Yum!

Vegetarian Moussaka

Moussaka and a side salad make a great sharing supper.  This vegetarian version of the Greek classic, has a creamy cheese topping, and is every bit as tasty as the meat version.

Soda Bread

  Soda bread  is a quick bread traditionally made in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland. It is very quick and simple to make. This is the basic recipe, but a variety of sweet and savoury ingredients, such has raisins, chocolate, or parmesan cheese and cubes of fried bacon, can be added to it. Baking soda… Read more »

Sweet Apple Jelly

I had lots of spare apples on the small apple tree on the allotment. The tree was growing on the allotment when I took it over, so I’m not completely sure  what type of apple tree it is, but I suspect it is  a type of Golden Delicious. It bears  small, golden yellow apples with… Read more »

Crab Apple Jelly

Crab apples are  very sour tasting, but they make fantastic jelly! The fruit are usually small and red, between 1cm-4cm in size with wild crab apples being bigger. I made this jelly from a miniature tree grown in a tub on my patio and the fruit were about 1.5cm. It yielded just over 1kg of… Read more »