South Yorkshire Food


Crispy Bacon and Camembert Breakfast Ciabatta

  This Crispy Bacon and Camembert Ciabatta  is an amazing, and delectable roll to serve at breakfast. Creamy, oozing cheese, and crispy bacon, with hint of tangy chilli in the background all served up in a toasted ciabatta roll. Sheer heaven!  This is another recipe from our guest chef, Kevin Hague. Serves 1, but just increase… Read more »

Yorkshire Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

  This is a scrumptious jam made with the first crop of  Yorkshire Rhubarb, for which Yorkshire is justly famous; created by guest chef Brenda Clough, the rhubarb came from the garden of Cortworth House, Wentworth.  The jam is sweet and tangy, ideal for spreading on a scone or on a  Yorkshire Fat Rascal! This… Read more »