South Yorkshire Food


Sweet Apple Jelly

I had lots of spare apples on the small apple tree on the allotment. The tree was growing on the allotment when I took it over, so I’m not completely sure  what type of apple tree it is, but I suspect it is  a type of Golden Delicious. It bears  small, golden yellow apples with… Read more »

Crab Apple Jelly

Crab apples are  very sour tasting, but they make fantastic jelly! The fruit are usually small and red, between 1cm-4cm in size with wild crab apples being bigger. I made this jelly from a miniature tree grown in a tub on my patio and the fruit were about 1.5cm. It yielded just over 1kg of… Read more »

Lemon Curd

  Lemon Curd has been a teatime favourite since the nineteenth century  – try it spread on scones, pancakes or waffles.  You can also make it with limes, oranges, or even raspberries!  

Blackcurrant Jelly

    It’s Blackcurrant season and my friend Brian has given me lots of them, from the bushes in his garden. There is a definite advantage in making jelly as you don’t have to  remove all the stalks, which is time consuming and boring! Great on scones or try adding it to sauces to go… Read more »

Strawberry and Apple Jam

  What do you make when you have some strawberries and some apples? Strawberry and Apple Jam, of course! This is a fresh and sweet tasting jam, ideal for spreading on scones with some clotted cream. Makes about two 400g jars.

Yorkshire Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

  This is another scrumptious jam made with Yorkshire Rhubarb,  created by guest chef Brenda Clough. The rhubarb came from the garden of Cortworth House, Wentworth.  The vanilla lifts the flavour of the rhubarb to another dimension! This should make about three, 400g jars.

Yorkshire Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

  This is a scrumptious jam made with the first crop of  Yorkshire Rhubarb, for which Yorkshire is justly famous; created by guest chef Brenda Clough, the rhubarb came from the garden of Cortworth House, Wentworth.  The jam is sweet and tangy, ideal for spreading on a scone or on a  Yorkshire Fat Rascal! This… Read more »

Bramble and Apple Jelly

Food for free – go out picking wild blackberries and and hedgerow apples.