South Yorkshire Food


Char Siu Style Barbeque Pork Steaks

  Char Siu Style Barbeque Pork Steaks are a terrific barbeque dish. Pork shoulder steaks barbeque well and are more juicy and tender than leg steaks when barbequed. Instant Pickle goes great with this dish. Serves 4.

Spatchcocked Poussin

 A poussin is a young chicken, usually  between 400–450g in weight. They are very tender and sweet. This recipe uses a Spanish influenced marinade that imparts a delightful flavour to the bird.  A poussin will serve two for a light lunch or one person as a main course. This recipe has enough marinade for one… Read more »

Wet Jerk Seasoning

The term jerk refers to the seasoning, the style of cooking, and the finished dish. Jerk pork and jerk chicken have become staples not only in Jamaica but throughout North America. When jerking meat, it’s customary to make tiny holes in the meat with the tip of a knife and rub a little jerk seasoning… Read more »