South Yorkshire Food


Slow Braised Pork Belly

This is a fantastic dish, inspired by the flavours of the Southern Mediterranean. The meat is covered in a salt and spice rub which leaves the meat succulent and tender.

Yorkshire Meat and Tatie Pie

  Meat and Tatie (potato) Pie is a typical Yorkshire dish. It is traditionally made with beef, but you could also make it with mutton or venison. Traditionally served with Mushy Peas and Henderson’s Relish as a condiment, with gravy on the side.

Ham Hock Terrine

Ham hocks are an inexpensive cut of meat and can be used to make this delicious terrine. Great for a simple lunch or as a starter for a meal, served with mustard pickle and toasted bread.

Sausage and Bean Casserole

This is an easy and economical dish to serve for a mid week supper. The cider adds a hint  sweetness, and the lentils thicken the sauce into a savoury unctiousness

Lamb Kofta

I love these koftas! They are best grilled on a charcoal barbecue, but a hot grill or griddle pan can be used instead.

The Best Burger Recipe – Ever!

This is my favourite burger recipe, that works equally well, with either beef or lamb. I personally think that lamb burgers are much tastier that beef burgers, but I have tried both and they are both delicious.

Toad in the Hole with Onion Gravy

Toad in the hole is a traditional British dish consisting of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter – a meal that always goes down well when served with onion gravy and peas. The history of the dish goes back about 200 years, but no-one is really sure where the name came from – a common view… Read more »

Brisket Braised in Red Wine

Brisket that has been slowly braised for hours in a low oven to give you tender meat and a rich red wine sauce . What could be better on a cold winters day than this heart warming dish served with creamy mashed potatoes. Serves: 6-8.

Gammon Cooked in Cola

Gammon cooked in cola is surprisingly excellent! The first reaction is usually “That will never work!”, but the sweetness of the cola nicely balances any salt used in the curing of the gammon. The addition of some subtle spicing to the cooking liquid, and finishing off  with a maple syrup and grain mustard glaze, makes… Read more »

Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

Beef short ribs are much more tender and meatier than the more common pork variety – spare ribs. The ribs are larger, usually with a 5-8cm piece of bone, and  a large juicy chunk of meat. One of the best, and most flavoursome, ways of cooking short ribs is to braise them in wine and stock…. Read more »