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Everyday Bread

There is nothing like the taste of home made bread! This loaf is very easy to make – you just need a little time to let it rise. I usually start it after breakfast and it is then ready for lunch time. Eat it with some nice cheddar cheese or a  bowl of warming soup…. Read more »

Sweet Padrón Chilli Sauce

We’ve had a great crop of Padrón Chillies this year, in fact too many too eat as we let them get a little to big and they became really hot!  So we let them ripen and turn red and made them into this great sweet chilli sauce. It’s got a real kick – who knew… Read more »

Lemon Curd

  Lemon Curd has been a teatime favourite since the nineteenth century  – try it spread on scones, pancakes or waffles.  You can also make it with limes, oranges, or even raspberries!  

Pig Cheeks Braised in Marsala

  Pig cheeks are a tender and flavoursome cut of meat that is not widely used in the UK. It is very popular in Italy and Spain, and most people try it for the first time when they are abroad. However, once you have eaten these unctuous little nuggets of deliciousness, you will want to… Read more »

Chilli con Carne

Chilli con Carne has to be one of the best dishes to serve to friends for a casual get-together. It is best cooked the day beforehand as the flavours will develop overnight.

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs have been made famous all over the world, by a well known Scandinavian furniture company.  These meat balls are delicious, beautifully complemented by the tangy and creamy sauce. You won’t be able to stop eating them!   Serves 4

Horseradish Sauce

Freshly made Horseradish Sauce is a traditional accompaniment to roast beef. It is incredibly easy to make and also very versatile – try some with some smoked salmon.  

Chocolate Fondant

  These Chocolate Fondants are absolutely gorgeous! A chocolate cake case, filled with hot, silky chocolate sauce. One is not enough! Serve with Vanilla ice cream or a quenelle  of whipped vanilla cream. Serves 6.

Lemon and Pistachio Cookies

    These Lemon and Pistachio Cookies from guest chef, Keren Bobker, are absolutely delicious. We can guarantee they won’t be around for very long. Serves: – well, it depends how fast you are!

Chicken and Padrón Chilli Bake

    Crispy, spicy, and succulent chicken that marries beautifully with the flavoursome roasted vegetables. The Padrón chillies give a background hint of spiciness, and a subtle heat. Serves 4.