South Yorkshire Food

Pickles and Chutney

Sweet Padrón Chilli Sauce

We’ve had a great crop of Padrón Chillies this year, in fact too many too eat as we let them get a little to big and they became really hot!  So we let them ripen and turn red and made them into this great sweet chilli sauce. It’s got a real kick – who knew… Read more »

Cold Pickled Gherkins

It’s cucumber season again, and if like us you have so many that you don’t know what to do with them, then this recipe is for you! Cold pickling is quick  and easy, and uses salt to draw out the excess moisture. This recipe, from guest chef Kevin Hague, works best with small  gherkin cucumbers,… Read more »

‘Instant’ Pickle

  This is a quick and easy pickle that goes great with any barbecued foods such as steak, burgers, pork or lamb kebabs. Serves 4-6.

Inferno Sauce

   This will probably be the hottest hot sauce you have ever tasted. A little goes a long way. Makes about 1.5 litres. Warning: Do not breathe the fumes when you remove the lid of the food processor.

Dragon’s Breath Relish

In honour of  St. George’s Day, something a little different to spice up your celebrations – this is what makes a dragon breathe fire! Dragon’s Breath Relish is a quick and easy to make spicy relish, that is very versatile.  Add it to soups as a base,  spice up a stew or a pasta sauce,… Read more »

Kuzu Pirzola – Turkish style Lamb Chops

The best Kuzu Pirzola I have ever eaten was in the Bosporus Restaurant in Dubai. They are delectable! I wanted to recreate this taste sensation, but although my recipe is really good, it’s still not as good as the Bosporus. This is probably because the Bosporus use a large, open flame grill to cook their… Read more »

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are a condiment that is common in North African cuisine, and especially Moroccan cuisine. Diced, quartered, halved, or whole lemons are pickled in lemon juice, and salt.

The Best Chutney

Recipe: Keren Bobker The recipe  makes a LOT and requires two large saucepans – so you could halve the quantities.