South Yorkshire Food

Poultry and Game

Chicken Marsala

This is a real retro dish from the 1970’s, but nonetheless still absolutely delicious. A good slug of Marsala wine gives this easy to make chicken dish a flavour twist. Ideal for a week night dinner or impress your friends with your culinary skills! Serve with sweet potato oven chips and steamed green vegetables.

Chicken Parmentier

This dish is a fantastic way to use up left over roast chicken. It makes a surprisingly light and tasty supper  dish, that goes wonderfully well with steamed green beans and a nice glass of wine!

Avocado Pulled Chicken Toasted Sandwich

This is a really easy and extraordinarily tasty toasted sandwich. Great for lunch or a snack. All you need is some left over chicken and some simple ingredients. Oh, and of course, an avocado!

Chicken XimXim

This is fusion cuisine, Brazil meets Africa, with a hint of Thailand thrown in for good measure.XimXim (Pronounced “zhing zhing) is an African dialect word meaning stew. The exotic nutty and creamy flavours  of Chicken XimXim make this a most delicious dish to serve for your friends, or just for yourself as a tasty supper… Read more »

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

This recipe is really simple, and fantastically delicious. Mediterranean style grilled chicken with smoky, Middle Eastern spices.

Braised Partridges

A chubby, round-breasted partridge makes a fantastic, succulent supper dish. Make sure that you get young early season birds as the older birds are much tougher. If the  breast of the bird is soft and pliable it is a young bird. Young birds are suitable for roasting, and older birds are only suitable for braising,… Read more »

Chicken and Squash Tagine

A delicious and fragrant dish that is easy to cook. Serve with Middle Eastern breads and couscous. Serves: 6

Moroccan Braised Chicken

I love the flavours from Middle Eastern spices and herbs, and this Moroccan dish captures those aromas and tastes. Moroccan cuisine has influences from all over the Mediterranean, but particularly Berber and Andalusian cooking styles. The spices and herbs used in this recipe, cumin, cinnamon, saffron and mint, are typical of Moroccan cooking. The chicken… Read more »

Chicken and Padrón Chilli Bake

    Crispy, spicy, and succulent chicken that marries beautifully with the flavoursome roasted vegetables. The Padrón chillies give a background hint of spiciness, and a subtle heat. Serves 4.