South Yorkshire Food


Mushy Peas

Traditional mushy peas are a Yorkshire  food favourite – often referred to as ‘Yorkshire Caviare’.  Served with fish and chips or with hot pies you have to love their  green tastiness!  Some upmarket chefs have been found using frozen, and even fresh peas, but to get true mushy peas they have to be made with… Read more »

Roast Guinea Fowl with Honey Glazed Parsnips

  Guinea Fowl make an interesting  change from chicken, slightly gamier, but bursting with flavour. Marks and Spencer are now selling some excellent free range birds.Served with the honey glazed parsnips and  delicious gravy, they make a great Sunday lunch or dinner party meal. One bird serves 2-3 people – for more people increase the… Read more »

Gratin Dauphinoise

Gratin dauphinoise is a simple dish of sliced potatoes. It is creamy, cheesy, with just a hint of garlic and herbs. Slow baked, to give a golden and crunchy crust hiding a succulent, oozing, loveliness underneath. This goes superbly with a roasted leg of young spring lamb and some steamed green beans. Serves 4-6.

Low Calorie Chicken Stir Fry

If you are following a low calorie diet, or maybe the 5:2 diet, it can be quite difficult to make a quick and easy meal that is nutritious, tasty, and fits in with your diet regime. This dish will serve 2 people, and comes out at approximately 450 calories for the whole dish! It takes… Read more »

Slimmers Soup

This is a tasty and nutritious soup, that is also low in calories so is ideal for inclusion in many diet plans, including the 5:2 Diet.

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are a condiment that is common in North African cuisine, and especially Moroccan cuisine. Diced, quartered, halved, or whole lemons are pickled in lemon juice, and salt.

Vegetarian Cottage Pie

The lentil, vegetable and mushroom base in this recipe is tasty and filling but low in fat.    WW Points: 10 Total – Serves: 4