Griddled courgettes with feta, lemon, mint, puy lentils

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South Yorkshire Food

By Mens perk:extra 20g feta cheese.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

  • 500g courgettes, the smallest you can find (90 cals)
  • 30g feta cheese (83 cals)
  • 15 mint leaves (1 cal)
  • 1 tsp olive oil (40 cals)
  • 30g (2 rounded tbsp) cooked puy lentils (35 cals) -  1 tbsp raw lentils if cooking your own
  • lemon zest (1 cal)

Total 250 cals


  1. Cut the courgettes into long, ½ cm wide slices. Mix with the oil and a pinch of salt.
  2. Heat a ridged griddle until smoking, then cook the courgette slices, turning once, until striped with dark brown on both sides. You will probably have to do this in at least two batches.
  3. Transfer the courgettes to a bowl and mix with the lemon zest, feta and lentils. Just before serving, mix through the ripped mint leaves. If the feta is more salty than sharp, you may want to squeeze over a little lemon juice.

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